Mother & Daughter Evening

The Mother/Daughter evening is something that I am so thrilled to have be a part of the program. It is an evening held at Brio Salon. The importance of the Mother/Daughter or significant female role model relationship is discussed as well as the mothers and daughters are educated by Kristen Tytula as she shares her expertise.

I have been working in the beauty industry for over a decade, and rarely do I come across a person as selfless and caring as Renae Peterson. When she approached me to assist with the program, there wasn’t a hint of hesitation. I have always enjoyed working with young people, and here was a chance to help change the lives of many. I have seen this course in action and I have seen the positive changes it has inspired in these young girls. Beauty from the Inside Out teaches each girl that they are special, and that they are enough! Something many of us don’t understand growing up is how important the relationship with our mother can be. We wanted to show these girls and their moms just how much they need each other, so we came up with a mother daughter night. Each girl brings their mom, or woman who is special to them, to Brio Salon for 2.5 – 3 hours. The girls learn all the basics of hair care, skincare and makeup. We talk about face shapes, different makeup applications, and what hair cuts and colors will look best on them. I try to address any concerns and tips I have, not just for the daughters, but for the moms as well. My hope for my time with these girls is to give them a fun and educational evening that inspires them to try new things that suit them and enhance their already beautiful features. To shine as the brightest versions of themselves, not hide behind the mask of what others think they should be. It is truly one of the most rewarding things I have had the honor of participating in-Kristen Tytula, Brio Salon.

Mother/Daughter Hair and Make-up Evening

This evening is held at Purely Inspired and both the mothers and daughters get to be pampered by having their hair and make-up done. Professional photos are then taken by Mark Orenstein from Lifetouch to capture the memory.

I Love being a part of something so positive in the lives of these young women. Anything that builds Self-Esteem and Self-Worth is a VERY valuable investment of my time and resources. I am proud of our contribution to the Beauty From the Inside Out program-Mark Orenstein