• What it means to be Truly Beautiful
  • Honouring your Heart
  • Communication with Self and Others
  • Confidence/Self Respect
  • Leadership
  • Media Deconstruction
  • Following your Dreams
  • Visual Poise
  • Nutrition from the Inside Out
  • Hair/Make-up

Published article written by Renae about what it means to have Internal Beauty.

Watch this Global news story from the hearts of young women who have attended the program

Spring Session 2017:
Wednesdays, March 22/17 to June 7/17
6:30 - 8:30 pm
No class on April 19/17
Graduation on June 7/17

Fall Session 2017:
Mondays, September 25/17 - December 12/17
6:30 - 8:30 pm
No class Monday, October 9/17
Graduation on December 12/17

Mother/Daughter evening

Mother/Daughter Hair, Makeup & Photo Night

Nutrition from the inside out

Ages 11 to 17

Guardian Security
1513-3rd Ave South Lethbridge, AB
Link to map
(403) 380-0607
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The Heart Work is the Hard Work.
POSTED by Renee Kochan on Jan-14-2017
Throughout the course of Beauty from the inside out I learned many things. Renae is truly a phenomenal teacher and an amazing person herself! I would recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone! It doesn't really ...
An Unforgettable Course
POSTED by Affia Zopoula on Jul-15-2016
I am so thankful to have learned so much from this class!! It's truly an experience not to be forgotten. I was taught how to love me for who I am, to not let others rule over me and much more!! After taking this cla ...
Much Gratitude!
POSTED by Dylan B on Jul-14-2016
Thank you so much Renae for taking the time to teach us! I loved learning about my true beauty! I learned so many life lessons that will help me as I grow. I wouldn't have as much confidence as I have today!! The w ...
The heart is a vital organ that sustains life on a physical level. On an emotional level, when we are connected to the truths that live there we feel alive! Young women today are bombarded with glossy images and sexual messages which entice their hearts to disconnect from their internal values. True beauty comes from the posture of the heart! It is a unique light that comes from within each of us. It is something that others don't just see; they feel it too. True beauty is different for each one of us and it is magnified by connecting to the best of what lies within our hearts.

For young women in this media age, finding and identifying with inner beauty and self-respect is not easy. The reaction to all the messages can threaten to compromise their personal integrity. Rather than affirm their individuality and uniqueness, these messages create pressure to fit into a cookie cutter mold of beauty.

As a mother, a nurse, a teacher and a woman who lives in this modern age, I had a vision to create a program that would help young women see, feel and live their own true beauty and inherent worth. This vision has realized itself in the form of Beauty from the Inside Out. It has been my labour of love, helping young women to find their own voice and to see and feel their own unique beauty - from the inside out.

Beauty From the Inside Out offers young women the unique opportunity to explore a deeper, more rare form of beauty. It is about holding up an entirely different mirror for young women to see themselves with. The kind that provides mentoring and skill building that will help them withstand the barrage of societal pressure. It assists them in finding a way to:
  • honour their hearts
  • reflect their true beauty
  • stand in their authentic selves
  • find their own voice
  • internalize the values of kindness, graciousness, integrity and respect for self and others
I invite you to explore the 11-week journey of the girls who have taken part in this program. I hope you are touched by the spirit of the program and celebrate with all of us the beautiful transformation of the precious young women who have taken part. They are our future generation.

All my love,

Renae Peterson, B.N., YWCA 2009 Woman of Distinction

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Kahlil Gibran